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Atlantic Pension Services, Inc. (“Atlantic Pension”) has been providing quality consulting, administrative and record keeping services to qualified retirement plans since 1992. Atlantic Pension is the perfect solution for small- to mid-size companies who desire more responsive service from the vendors associated with the Plan. Atlantic Pension is aware that no two companies are alike. This allows Atlantic Pension to have educated conversations with potential clients as we design a plan that not only runs efficiently, but also provides the flexibility required to satisfy the needs and goals of the client.

Atlantic Pension continues these conversations over the life span of the plan utilizing an annual review process that can take place with your financial advisor. Atlantic Pension’s conscientious approach, especially with mature and/or growing companies, combined with their integrity and respect for clients are key to success.



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How do we Stand Apart ?

Atlantic Pension Services, Inc. Summary:

Since 1992 Atlantic Pension Services has been helping plan sponsors create and grow retirement plans.  We do this by following our core values of Respect, Integrity, Flexibility, Quality, Education, Responsiveness, and Conscientiousness


We are a CEFEX certified! Atlantic Pension Services, Inc. voluntarily undergoes a yearly audit by The Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX). This audit ensures we have developed processes and procedures that increase efficiency, support continuous improvement, and maintain client satisfaction. In addition, we are unique in that we value employee education as a core value, with the majority of our employees having ASPPA designations. Ultimately this means the person working on your plan has experience, knows current law, and understands how to apply it.

Revenue Sharing From Investment Companies:

Several of our investment platform partners directly provide us with revenue sharing dollars. Instead of keeping this money these funds are instead used to offset our fees to our clients, which lowers the overall plan cost and provides fee transparency to our clients.

Plan Document Customization:

Every plan document we create is customized in partnership with the Plan Sponsor to ensure it fits the Plan Sponsors long term goals and provides their employees the opportunity to save for retirement.

Plan Administration Support:

Atlantic takes a team approach. From our telephones always being answered by a real person to our administrative teams who are assigned specific clients. We want you to be able to get the answer you need right away from someone you have come to know and trust. Our knowledgeable staff members ensure your plan is in compliance each year, through full compliance testing, asset reconciliation, timely Form 5500 filing and consultative plan design.

3(16) Fiduciary Services:

In order to relieve plan sponsors of some of the administrative fiduciary responsibilities that comes with offering a retirement plan to employees, Atlantic Pension can provide additional services such as distribution of notices, processing of the mandatory cash-out list and more. Just ask us how we can help!

Community Partnership and Involvement:

Work should be more than the usual 9 to 5. Atlantic Pension sees our employees as family and understands that our employees have interests and passions outside of work. Atlantic Pension wants to be a partner to our community and our employees’, and we prove this in several ways. First, we have an active dog policy. Atlantic Pension allows employees to bring their dogs to work. The entire office is a happier place with puppies roaming the aisles. We also encourage philanthropic community involvement. In fact, many of our clients are non-profits to which we provide charitable donations and if requested, volunteer assistance. On a year-round basis, we are also committed sponsors of the Kennett Area Food Bank, holding monthly food drives and being a sponsor of the annual Kennett Area Food Bank silent auction.

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